Published on 26 Oct, 2020.

The 2020 general election of Ghana is one that promises to be fiercely contested as the stakes are higher than ever. A former 1-term president and a sitting president battle it out to secure a final and second term. Clashes between the NPP and the NDC during the Ayawaso by-election in January 2019, and more recently the Odododiodio constituency are evidence that the overall security can be interfered with or compromised by hoodlums/suspected vigilantes. It is important that we safeguard and ensure personal security prior, during and after polls. The following are useful considerations; our quick guide;

Before Election Day

  • Locate your polling station in advance.
  • Familiarize yourself with the voting process.
  • Keep a close tab on political events with possible security implications around your area.
  • Avoid any long-distance travels (especially inter-regional) a few days clear to the elections so as not to be trapped in possible violent clashes.

During Election

  • Ensure you locate your delegated queue if any when you get to the polling station.
  • Keep close eyes on the voting process as you join the queue and await your turn.
  • Ensure you carry your voter ID card before departing your home.
  • In case you will be going in your car, park it away from the polling center.
  • Do not take children along to the polling center.
  • Avoid wearing clothing or carrying items with company or political insignia which may give you unwanted attention. Also, avoid wearing heavy pieces of jewellery and items of value.
  • Ensure your phone is fully charged and take a spare battery if available.
  • Consider going to your polling station in groups or with people you are familiar with.
  • Avoid engaging in political discussions at the polling center as these could easily turn violent.
  • It is advised that you depart as soon as you are done casting your vote.
  • In the event that suspected vigilantes invade the polling center or attempt to snatch ballot boxes, leave the vicinity immediately.
  • Do not accept gifts or handouts of any kind at the polling station.
  • Bring along water as there will be long ques outside

After Election

  • Keep your vote safe. Do not disclose who you voted for.
  • Avoid any political discussions after voting.
  • Monitor local media and other sources for regular updates of the security situation and keep all Emergency Contact Numbers handy.
  • Whatever the outcome of the elections, be moderate in your discussions
  • Do not be lured into possible post-election protests if your favoured candidate does not win.
  • Be reminded that you are primarily responsible for your security.

Most importantly, participate and VOTE during this Election because voting is your civic responsibility.

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